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Playscope Booking

Please select play session from below
*Available sessions will be indicated in blue. Remaining quotas show in brackets.
Please register your account before you make an enrolment first. Click here to register
 How to register for a Playscope membership
 Instruction for Online Reservation
**Visitors aged 5 or above are required to fulfill the Vaccination Requirements under Vaccine Pass.
**Persons aged 12 or above are required to have received at least three doses . children aged 5 to 11 are required to have received the second dose to enter Playscope.Except for persons aged 5 to 17 who have received
one dose of Comirnaty (BioNTech) vaccine and persons who have recovered within 6 months. For details, please refer to the Dosage Schedule for Vaccine Pass.
**The reservation system will open bookings for the next month on the third Friday of the month.
Enrolment details:
1. Each Big Play session include 3 hours (10:00-13:00 / 14:30-17:30)
2. The available number of participants of each session has been included in the bracket (e.g. a child and adult will be seen as two participants.) Please be reminded that no extra enrolment will be received if the session is full.
3. Parent or caregiver should pay for each child (except their sibling who aged younger than 9 months.) The quota of adults can’t replace as a child since there are different charges of adult and child. If two kids and adults wish to make an enrolment, please add “2” of the button of ‘child and adult’.
4. If your enrolment time is less than 24 hours, please select the online payment (Paypal) for the fee. It can avoid your enrolment process being delay due to other payments, and lead to cancel your enrolment.

* The enrollment will be confirmed once fees are paid. There will be no refund (including Big Play Pass), no rescheduling, or no cancellation once the enrollment confirmed due to absence and incorrect booking. Enrollment will only be postponed or rescheduled unless the close down due to the inclement weather, organizational arrangement, group gathering ban. (Except medical reasons for children, need providing a doctor certificate as proof) 

* Please be confirm that you didn’t have a fever or symptoms of respiratory tract infections. Also, you didn’t contact a confirmed COVID-19 infection person in the past 14 days and are not under compulsory quarantine. Otherwise, you are not allowed to enter, and please be reminded that there will be no refund.

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